Carl Liungman is a Neoclassical pianist and composer based in Southern Sweden. During the years he has developed a musical universe based on improvisation; an emotive expressionistic music style of his own with both rhythmic tension and gentle tunes.

Carl is influenced by Neoromanticism, Neoclassicism and modern Minimalism as well as Jazz music, contemporary Film music scores and Pop music. He is particularly fond of displaying the contrasts of the light, harmonic structures of the 18th and 19th centuries together with Jazz, Pop and complex Contemporary music structures.

In early years Carl recognized a certain ability to remember melodies, compose songs and improvise on the piano. He also found a personal way of playing and has today developed a unique piano music style and technique of his own.

Carl studied Classical piano under Krista Nieländer in Malmo, Jazz piano under Christian Colan and Maggie Olin at the Malmo Jazz Institute and Jazz theory under Jazz pianist Alvaro Is-Rojas at the Kulturama Performing Arts School in Stockholm. From Lund University Carl has got a Bachelor’s degree in Musicology. At the Stockholm University he studied Film music. He also has studied composition at the Gotland School of Music under composer Per Mårtensson and Prof. Sven-David Sandström and at the Malmö Academy of Music under Prof. Hans Gefors.

Carl has written both Chamber and Pop music for theatre plays, short films, art installations and poetry projects. He also has made Jazz poetry together with poets and singers, improvising piano music during poetry slams and other occasions. For several years in his youth Carl was hired as a bar pianist in Sweden.

Influences among others: Keith Jarrett, Björk, E.Satie, Stravinskij, Beatles, Chopin, Satie, Herbie Hancock, Esbjörn Svensson, Arvo Pärt, Monk, Charlie Parker, Glen Gould, Jean-Michel Jarre, Skrjabin, Busoni, Jan Johansson, Coldplay

Profile photos: Gabriel Flores Jair, Sweden